Council Cares Program details

Council Cares Program details

Council Cares is the Easy Way to Making a Difference.

As a council member, you’re on a mission to transform your community for the better. You see the opportunities, embrace the challenges, and strive to leave a lasting impact. But sometimes challenges can block your path.

The good news is, Council Cares unlocks the doors for progress. This comprehensive program elevates your hard work and achievements, summons support from your community and recognizes the positive change you bring to your town.

What You’ll Get.

A comprehensive customized annual program, crafted from a diverse menu of monthly topics, self-curated to align with your town's vision and goals. At our kickoff meeting, you will pick your priorities based on your goals for the year.

A full year's worth of social media content that connects and engages your community.

Branded-for-you articles, emails, press releases, posters to be distributed throughout the community, outdoor and indoor banners, and lawn signs promoting your council's efforts

Digital parades honoring local heroes and their achievements

Marketing through local media outlets, email newsletters, and press releases

Award plaques for honorees

In short, you get a single source shortcut for promoting and amplifying the feel-good initiatives that you undertake for your community.

Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Need This Program.

Council members face so many challenges when striving to create positive change in their communities, but Council Cares helps you:

Overcome challenges

Council Cares helps you navigate the obstacles that can impede your efforts to create positive change in your community, such as lack of resources and difficulty getting your message heard.

Amplify your impact

With Council Cares, you can honor local heroes, promote neighborhood success, and drive progress in areas like sustainability, inclusion and health, creating a more engaged and proud community.

Elevate your council

By using Council Cares to showcase your hard work and achievements, you can position your council as a leader in your area and attract support from local businesses, organizations, and media outlets.

Joining Council Cares helps you make a lasting impact on your community, elevate your council’s profile, and attract support from stakeholders who share your vision for a better future.